Inspired by Over 26 Years of Company Growth, this Easy-to-Use Planning Approach Has Helped More Than 3,387 Businesses Plan the Way to Growth - In About an Hour

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The 1Hour2Plan Story

It so happened that Joe Calhoon and Kyle Holt met at one of Joe’s keynote presentations for entrepreneurs in Kansas City. A few months later they began to recognize great possibilities between them. 

On the one hand, Joe has helped businesses grow for over 26 years and is one of the nation’s foremost business growth planning experts. He’s also a former top executive with Stephen Covey. On the other hand, Kyle is a hip visionary with great skill developing e-learning platforms and related technologies. The two began to explore the benefit of taking some of Joe’s planning savvy, which ordinarily costs thousands per engagement, and instead rolling it into an easy-to-use online platform.

Effectively, businesses of all kinds could then access ‘virtual Joe’ for a tiny fraction of the cost, right online. And in turn, Joe could help a lot more businesses. Because the system includes on-demand access for a year, in some ways it’s even better. The beta version was launched in January 2010 and continues to evolve, serving a growing number of users.


Joe Calhoon

Co-Founder, 1Hour2Plan 

Over the past 26 years, Joe Calhoon has delivered over 2,500 in-person client experiences to such companies as Apple, Best Buy & Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. His engagements also include local entrepreneurs, non-profits, family owned companies and other ventures of all kinds across many industries. 

Focused on providing the tools and guidance needed to improve performance and results, Joe’s proven business growth process has allowed clients like Wilson Auctioneers to double revenues in one year and WGK Engineers to improve profits by 800 percent in that same time frame.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), designated through the National Speakers Association, leaders learn principles of leadership effectiveness and organizational performance through his entertaining, educational and motivational style. 

Formerly the most requested and highest rated speaker with Covey Leadership Center, Joe knows that the spirit of win-win, mutual understanding, and synergy are foundational to every successful engagement. 

In addition to helping start more than 20 new business ventures, Joe is the author of three breakthrough books, Prioritize!, On the Same Page, and The 1 Hour Plan for Growth. 


Kyle Holt

Co-Founder, 1Hour2Plan  

Kyle Holt is an expert in e-learning systems, online event registration & planning, and content aggregation software. Also Co-Founder & President of Overland Park-based U, Inc., a technology firm, Kyle spearheaded their e-learning expansion into city and county governments with the LocalGovU brand in 2005, led the custom development division, and led the launch of the event planning software.

U, Inc.’s software systems and services are used by small, medium, and large companies as well as governments, churches, and non-profit organizations across North America. Mr. Holt has directed or contributed to more than 100 technology development projects, including pediatric bioscience for the University of Kansas and Duke University.

As a member of the Kansas City business community, Mr. Holt has been involved in encouraging entrepreneurship, especially in the technology sector.  He is an active advisory council member for Youth Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization that encourages entrepreneurship education at the high school level.  He was a founding board member in several other for-profit and non-profit organizations like Relive for Kids, StartPATH, and Mentors @ Work.

Mr. Holt holds both bachelors degrees in Business Administration as well as Accounting from the University of Kansas.



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